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You will need to create an account at Toyyibpay before you can start integrating Toyyibpay payment gateway to your online store at SmartSeller. Click here to create an account at Toyyibpay.

1. Activate Toyyibpay

1.1. To activate your Toyyibpay app, from your dashboard menu, go to Apps > Payment Gateways > Activate Toyyibpay.

1.2. Once the Toyyibpay App is activated, on dashboard go to Online Store > Settings > Payments > Enable Toyyibpay.

2. Toyyibpay Settings

2.1. Once its enable, click on manage.

2.2. Fill in your Category Code and Secret Key. You can retrieve your Category Code and Secret Key from your toyyibPay Admin Dashboard. Make sure you entered your email that you use to register toyyibPay.

2.3. Make sure all details that you have entered correctly. Make sure the ‘Enable this payment gateway’ is ticked.

2.4. Click Save.

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