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Lazada Sync

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1. Activate Lazada Sync App

1.1. To activate your Lazada Sync app, go to Settings > Apps > Marketplaces > Activate Lazada Sync.

1.2. Once the app is successfully activated, the Lazada Sync menu appears on the left navigation bar of the dashboard. Seller has to first create a seller account with Lazada. Once the seller account is created and is approved by Lazada, the store owners can sync their Lazada store with SmartSeller.

2. Configuration

2.1. On your dashboard, go to Marketplaces > Lazada Sync > Configuration.

2.2. Select the country based on your Lazada seller account. If your Lazada Seller account it registered with Lazada Singapore, then you will need to choose Singapore in this option. Then click on button “Save & Authorize Credential“.

2.3. You will be redirected to Lazada page. On this page, sign in to your Lazada seller account. Then click button “Submit“.

2.4. Now you’ve successfully link your Lazada store to SmartSeller.

3. Category Mapping

3.1. Category Mapping page lists all the Lazada categories. You have to select the Lazada categories that you need to assign for your products on SmartSeller Online Store.

3.2. To select the required categories for mapping, on your dashboard menu go to Marketplaces Sync > Lazada > Category Mapping tab.

3.3. Click Fetch Categories button on the top left corner to fetch all the categories from Lazada.

3.4. Under Root Categories, click the required category.
Next level categories list appears. Click the required category.
Note: Keep clicking every next level required categories until the last level categories list and the corresponding checkboxes appear as shown in the following figure:

3.5. Select the check boxes associated with the required categories. The selected categories are saved and a success message appears on the page as highlighted in the figure.

4. Manage Profiles

Profile-based product uploading provides you a facility to create a group of the required products that have common product details, and then upload those products at one go through uploading profile (created group).

In other words, admin can create a new profile and assign it to the group of those products, and then upload the profile on Lazada. It saves the time of making the same changes in each product details and every products.

It means, rather than making the changes in the common product details of each and every product, you can create a profile and assign it to all the products having common product details, and thus make the changes in the product details available on the profile page.

While creating and editing the profile, you can select the product and the corresponding product details. These details are applicable to all the products that are assigned to the profile.

4.1. To add a new profile, on your dashboard go to Marketplaces Sync > Lazada > click Profile tab > Add Profile.

4.2. On the Profile page, click Select Product and Corresponding Metakeys. The section appear as shown in the following figure:

4.3. In the Type Product Name Here box, enter the required product name to get the attributes of the entered product name.
Note: Enter the initial of the product and a list appears. Select the required one from the list.

4.4. In the Meta Field Key column, select the check boxes associated with the required meta-keys.

4.5. Scroll down to the PROFILE INFORMATION tab, and then click the tab.
Following two tabs will appear:

4.6. Under Basic, enter the name of the profile.

4.7. Under Advance tab, select the required category for this profile.

  • If you want to markup the price on this marketplace, enter the value in percentage. Then on the right hand side, select which price you would like to markup from. For example, you can markup 10% from the regular price or sales price.
  • Select a Lazada category for this profile. If the Lazada category is not showing up here, you will need to do a category mapping (refer to Step 3)

4.8. Then scroll down to section Lazada Details > Category Specific.

4.9. Enter the product details to each field. All there details will be uploaded to Lazada.

4.10. The meta-keys selected under the Select Product And Corresponding MetaKeys section are listed in the select list field that appears next to the text boxes as shown in the following figure:

  • In the Brand list, select the required value.
  • In the select list associated with the Model box, select the required meta key.
    In the Model box, enter the required value.
    Note: The value entered in the box is applicable to all the products assigned to the profile. Whereas, selecting the meta key from the list selects the individual value of the individual product which you enter for your product in SmartSeller online store.
  • Similarly, enter the values in the other mandatory fields and other fields if required.

4.11. Click SAVE PROFILE button. The created profile is saved.

5. Managing Products

5.1. To assign the created profile to a product, from the dashboard menu, go to Marketplaces > Lazada > Manage Products tab.

On this page, you will see all the products you uploaded o SmartSeller online store.

5.2. On the product that you wish to assign a Lazada profile, click Profile.

5.3. A dialog box will appear. Select the profile that you would like to assign to this product. Then click Save Profile.

5.4. Here you can see that the product has been assign for a profile.

5.5. To upload the product to Lazada, tick on the products that you want to upload. On the drop down box, select upload. Then click Apply.

6. Bulk Action

6.1. To do a bulk profile assignment, on your dashboard go to Marketplaces > Lazada > Click Bulk Action tab > Click Bulk Profile Assignment.

6.2. Scroll down to the category to assign profile. In the Select Profile list, select the required profile for the specific category. Once the profile is assigned to the category, a success message will appear.

6.3. To do a bulk profile assignment, on your dashboard go to Marketplaces > Lazada > Click Bulk Action tab > Click Bulk Product Upload.

6.4. In the Select Categories box, click to select the required categories from the list.

6.5. In the Select Products box, click to select the required products from the list of products upload.

6.6. In the Exclude Products box, click to select the products from the list to hold back from product upload.

6.7. Then click Save Changes button to save the changes.

6.8. Click the UPLOAD button to upload the selected categories and products on Lazada.
The selected categories and the products are uploaded and a success message appears on the page.

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