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Shipment Tracking

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1. Setting up Shipping Companies

On SmartSeller dashboard menu, go to Shipping Tracking > Shipping Companies. You can enable or disable shipping companies that you will be using.


If the shipping companies are not in the list, you can add your custom shipping companies by going to Shipping Tracking > Add Custom Company.

Enter shipping company name and the shipping company tracking URL.

You can select your default Shipping Company at Shipping Tracking > Shipping Companies.


2. Inserting Tracking Code Orders

There are 3 ways of inserting or editing the tracking code to orders.

A) Quick Assign

Go to Shipping Tracking > Quick assign.

In this page, in just 3 step you can easily insert shipping order and change order status.

Follow the step by step procedure on page.

B) Order Page

Go to Online Store > Orders > Choose the specific order that you want to insert or edit tracking code.

From here, you will need to change the order status from Processing to Complete.

Then On the right hand side, under Tracking Code Section, you can:

  • shipping company choose your shipping company. Default shipping company can be set at shipping companies page.
  • Tracking number – tracking number that able to track the parcel.
  • Dispatch date – enter the dispatch date.
  • Custom text – enter any message that you would like to send to customer. Alternatively, you can leave it blank.
  • Send notification email – this will allow you to send another email that only contain the tracking details to customer. (By default, once order status is being changed to complete, system will send customer an order completion email that contain tracking details.)
  • Additional Tracking Codes – enter additional tracking code here is any.
  • Disable email embedding – by disable this, order completion email that being sent to customer will not include the tracking details.
  • Switch order status to completed – tick this option to change the order status to complete.


C) Bulk Import Tracking Number

To be able to bulk import tracking numbers to orders, you will need to create a cvs file that contain the following columns (CLICK HERE to download a sample cvs import file):

  • order_id – all order ID will be put under this column.
  • order_status – Leave this column empty to leave order status unchanged. To change order status, you can use the following text. wc-pending, wc-processing, wc-on-hold, wc-completed, wc-cancelled, wc-refunded, wc-failed, wc-pre-ordered
  • dispatch_date – In case of multiple tracking code, can be specified multiple dispatch dates using the “|” character to separate dates: date1|date2
  • custom_text – REMOVE ALL , CHARACTERS eventually present in this field otherwise import WILL FAIL. In case of multiple tracking code, can be spacified multiple text using the | character to separate texts:text1|text2)
  • tracking_info – this column must have the following format: company_id:tracking_code. In case of multiple codes use the | to separate the info: company_id:tracking_code|company_id2:tracking_code2. All compani ids are reported in the Shipping companies section



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