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Aliexpress Dropshipping

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1. Setting up Aliexpress Dropshipping

1.1. Activate Aliexpress Dropshipping

1.1.1 To activate your Aliexpress Dropshipping app, from your dashboard menu, go to Apps > Dropshipping > Activate Aliexpress Dropshipping.

1.1.2. Once the Aliexpress Dropshipping App is activated, you will see a new menu “Aliexpress Dropshipping” added to your dashboard menu.

1.2. Google Chrome Extension for Aliexpress Dropshipping

1.2.1. The google chrome extension only work on Google Chrome browser and only on the computer. It will not work on a tablet or mobile phone. On computer Google Chrome, open the link to install Aliexpress Dropshipping Google Chrome Extension. Then click Add to Chrome.

1.2.2. After that, the new extension badge will appear on your Google Chrome’s extension panel.

1.2.3. Click on the extension badge with mouse right click. You will see a context menu. Then click on Options.

1.2.4. A new page will open where you can connect your store to the extension.

1.2.5. Now go back to your SmartSeller dashboard. On your dashboard menu go to Aliexpress Dropshipping > Settings > API Keys > Copy the API key.

1.2.6. Paste the URL into your Chrome Extension. Then click “Add Store”.

1.2.7. Chrome browser will ask you to allow the extension to access your website. You MUST click allow the permission.

1.2.8. Your online store is now successfully connected to the Google Chrome Extension. With this extension, you will be able to import products and fulfill orders on Aliexpress website with Google Chrome browser.

2. Import Product Using Built-in Search Module

2.1. From your dashboard menu, go to Aliexpress Dropshipping > Search Products.

2.2. From this page, you can explore products in 3 possible ways:

  • Search products by keywords using the main search bar.
  • Search for specific product using the exact url or ID through the additional popup window.
  • Search products using advanced search filters.

2.3. After you search for the products, the search result will be displayed below the search bar. Press Add to import list near the products you want to sell.

2.4. After you added the products to your import list, from your dashboard menu go to Aliexpress Dropshipping > Import List.

2.5. On the Import List page, you can customize the products before pushing them to your online store. Once everything is done, you can push the products to your store by clicking “Push to Shop“.

3. Orders & Shipping

3.1. Fulfill Aliexpress Orders

Attention! Before using this feature, you need to install free Aliexpress Dropshipping chrome extension and make sure that you are logged in on AliExpress. Also you need to connect the Chrome extension to your store.

3.1.1. When customers place an order on your store, you will see the order on your online store order page. To see your orders, from your dashboard menu go to Online store > Orders.

3.1.2. On the order page, click on the button with “Basket Icon” on the order that you want to fulfill.

Also, there are two other buttons.

  1. The “eye“-styled button is to view the detailed order`s information
  2. The “i“-styled button to know AliExpress information related with the order

3.1.3. After that, at the bottom of the screen you can see the progress of this task.

In the popup we can see the various stages of the order fulfillment process, as well as receive error messages. If an error occurs, action will be required on your part to solve the problem and resume the task.

3.1.4. As you can see, in your case, the Chrome extension cannot add the product to the basket on AliExpress, because This product is no longer in stock or is no longer available.

3.1.5. Let’s switch to AliExpress and add another product instead.

3.1.6. We have chosen a new product, now we can continue the process of placing orders.

3.1.7. Now the plugin offers us to switch to AliExpress to the list of all orders for their payment. Let’s go to this page.

3.1.8. Orders have been added to the “Awaiting payments” list on AliExpress. In total, three orders were created, because each of the selected products belongs to a separate supplier on AliExpress.

3.1.9. The first order contains a new product, which we replaced and in the other two orders are products related to the second order. Also, after placing orders, the Chrome extension automatically saves AliExpress order IDs in your online store. So in the first order we see one ID and in the second order two order IDs are saved.

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