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Facebook Shop Integration

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1. Get Started

Facebook Shop integration for SmartSeller is free and pre-installed on all of our subscription plan.

To integrate your Facebook Shop with SmartSeller, on your dashboard menu go to Facebook Integration > Facebook Shop.

Click Get Started. The get started button will lead you to your facebook page.

Pop up will appear. Click next.

Click on the choose a Facebook Page option and select a page from the drop-down. After selecting your page, click on the next button. (If you not yet create a Facebook Page for your online store, click Create a Page.)

Follow the guide here and setup Facebook Pixel.

Switch on the the toggle options like below and click Finish.

Setup is completed. Now just need to wait for your products to be synced with Facebook Shop.

During this process, you must keep this browser open until the sync is complete. Otherwise sync will fail. 

Now go to your Facebook Page’s shop section. You will see products on your online store are uploaded.

It may takes some time for all products to be fully uploaded to Facebook.

If some of the products are not being sync, on dashboard menu go to Products > All Prodcuts, make sure the product details (pricing, product name, etc…) are all entered. 


2. Manage Facebook Shop Products

To add products, edit products or delete products, on your dashboard menu go to Products > All Products. All actions being made here will be automatically sync with your Facebook Shop.

If you encounter some edited or deleted products are not being synced, you can manually sync it by going to Facebook Integration > Facebook Shop. Then click on “Sync Products”.


Advanced Settings

In Facebook Integration > Facebook Shop, click on “Show Advanced Settings”.

You will see 3 additional options for you to tick.

  • Automatically Force Resync of Products at (preset time) every day – Enabling this option will force sync all your products on the preset time. By default, force resync is not necessary. All products will be automatically synced once created, edited or deleted. This might also affect your online store loading time.
  • Disable product sync with FB – Enabling this option will disable all products being synced to your Facebook Shop.
  • Sync short description instead of description –  Enabling this will sync product short description to your Facebook Shop instead of description. By default, description is being synced to Facebook Shop.


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