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Affiliate Dashboard

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1. Affiliate Login

1.1. To login to your affiliate account, go to , enter your username and password.

2. Affiliate URLs

2.1. On this page, you’re able to generate your affiliate URLs by using all the pages or blog contents on our website. With the generated links, you can share it to as many people as possible. Once someone clicked on your affiliate URLs and subscribe to our platform, you will get paid for the referral commission.

3. Statistics

3.1. On this page, you can find a report of your affiliate performance.

4. Affiliate Graphs

4.1. On this page, you’re able to get details of a specific time of your unpaid, pending, rejected & paid referral earnings.

5. Referrals

5.1. On this page, you will able to see the status of each of your referrals.

5.2. Each time a referral is generated, it is assigned a status. There are four possible values that can be assigned:

  • pending – This is a referral that has been generated but is not yet confirmed.
  • unpaid – This is a confirmed referral that is waiting to be paid out to the affiliate.
  • rejected – This is a referral that was rejected.
  • paid – This is a referral that has been paid to the affiliate.

All referrals begin with a status of pending and are then updated to one of the other three statuses when particular events occur. A pending referral means that it is waiting to be confirmed as valid. Referrals are confirmed when subscription and payment are completed on SmartSeller.

A referral is marked as rejected when the subscription on SmartSeller is refunded, deleted or failed payment.

Referrals are marked as unpaid when the subscription is completed on SmartSeller. Once marked as unpaid, the referral is considered “earned” and you will be paid. (Normally we will payout the commissions before 7th of every month.)

Referrals receive a status of paid as soon as commission has been paid to affiliates. Once marked as paid, a referral is considered closed and no further status changes are applied to it.

6. Visits

6.1. On this page, you will be able to see the performance of the URL that you used for your affiliate links.

7. Creatives

7.1. On this page, you will find some useful banner or images that can be used for your marketing purposes.

7.2. For bloggers or anyone with their own website, you can copy and paste the provided html into your webpage or blog content.

8. Settings

8.1. Your payment email – Enter the email address that you register with your PayPal account. All referral earnings will be paid to your PayPal account with this email address. So please make sure you enter the correct email.

8.2. Custom Slug Settings – This is for you to change your affiliate slug of your affiliate link. For example, if you enter “ABC” as your affiliate slug, your affiliate link will be “”.

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