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Product CSV Import Schema

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1. Product CSV Template

1.1. Click HERE to download the product CSV template.

2. General CSV guidelines

  • CSVs should be in UTF-8 format.
  • Any dates should be defined for the store’s local timezone.
  • If importing a boolean value (true or false) use 1 or 0 in your CSV.
  • Multiple values in a field get separated with commas.
  • Images need to be pre-uploaded or available online in order to import to your store.
  • External URLs are supported and imported into the media library if used.
  • You can define the filename if the image already exists in the media library.

3. CSV columns and formatting

CSV Column NameMaps to product propertyExampleNotes
ID id100Defining this will overwrite data for that ID on import. Auto-generated if leave blank.
Type type simple, variation, virtualProduct Type. Valid values: simple, variable, grouped, external, variation, virtual, downloadable. Multiple types can be used CSV separated.
SKU sku sku-10293Defining this will overwrite data for that ID on import. Auto-generated if leave blank.
Name name My Product Name Required.
Publishedstatus11 for published ,
0 for private ,
-1 for draft .
Is Featured?featured11 or 0
Visibility in Catalogcatalog_visibilityvisibleSupported values:
visible ,
catalog ,
search ,
hidden .
Short Descriptionshort_descriptionThis is a product's short description sample.
DescriptiondescriptionThis is more information about a product.
Date Sale Price Startsdate_on_sale_from2000-01-31 10:53:15Date or leave blank.
Date Sale Price Endsdate_on_sale_to2000-03-31 10:53:15 Date or leave blank.
Tax Statustax_statustaxableSupported values:
taxable ,
shipping ,
none .
Tax Classtax_classstandardCan use any existing tax class.
In Stock?stock_status11 or 0
Backorders allowed?backorders11, 0, or notify
Sold individually?sold_individually11 or 0
Weight (unit)weight100Parse only numbers.
Length (unit)length20Parse only numbers.
Width (unit)width30Parse only numbers.
Height (unit)height10Parse only numbers.
Allow customer reviews?reviews_allowed11 or 0
Purchase Notepurchase_noteDesign may be different from product image.
Sale Pricesale_price20.90Sale price. Leave blank if no sale for this product.
Regular Priceregular_price25.90Regular price for this product.
Non-sale price.
Stockmanage_stock / stock_quantity20Numeric stock level enables stock management.

parent can be used for variations.

Blank = no stock management.

Clothing > Male
CSV list of categories.

> used for hierarchy.
Tagstag_idsTag 1, Tag 2CSV list of tags.
Shipping Classshipping_class_idsmall productName of the shipping class.
Attribute 1 NameattributescolorLooks for global attribute or uses text if not found. Include as many as needed.

“Used for variations” is set automatically.
Attribute 1 Value(s)attributesBlue,
List of values for the attribute.

Variations only need 1 value.

First value will be used if multiple values found here.
Attribute 1 Defaultdefault_attributesBlueDefault value for variable products.
Attribute 1 Visibleattributes11 or 0.

Mapping screen labels this as “Attribute Visibility”
Attribute 1 Globalattributes11 or 0.

Mapping screen labels this as “Is a global attribute?”
Imagesimage_id /

If multiple images found, first image will be used as featured image.
Download 1 NamedownloadsDownload 1
Download 1
Download Limitdownload_limit1n/a or a limit
Download Expiry Daysdownload_expiry1n/a or a day limit.
Parentparent_idid:100 or SKU-01Set parent ID.

This setting is used for variable products.

Can be just a numeric ID (e.g. id:100 or SKU-100).
Upsellsupsell_idsid:100, id:101 or SKU-01, SKU-01List of product IDs or SKU IDs to use for up-selling.
Cross-sellscross_sell_ids id:100, id:101 or SKU-01, SKU-01 List of product IDs or SKU IDs to use for cross-selling.
Positionmenu_order1Use for sorting product order.
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