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Product Bundles

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The Bundle type is a powerful alternative to the Grouped Product type. With Product Bundles, you can:

  • Set a predetermined quantity range for each bundled product.
  • Add variable products to bundles and enable only specific variations if needed.
  • Bundle multiple instances of the same product.
  • Boost your up-selling performance by offering kit versions of popular products paired with one or more related items.
  • Offer bulk discounts.


1. Activate Product Bundles

1.1. To activate your Product Bundles app, go to Settings > Apps > Others > Activate Product Bundles.


2. Adding New Product Bundle

2.1. To create product bundle, go to Products > Add New Products.

2.2. Then select Product Product type under the Product Data panel.

2.3. Go to Bundled Product tab.

2.4. Click Add a Bundled Product and use the search field to find and add products to the bundle.


3. Bundled Product Settings

Once a product has been added in the bundle set, a new set of options becomes available for the newly added item. These are divided into two tabs: Basic Settings and Advanced Settings.

Basic Settings

Minimum Quantity and Maximum Quantity — Used to define an allowed quantity range for the bundled product: Customers are able to choose any quantity within the specified min/max range. Leave the Quantity Max field blank for an unlimited maximum value.

Optional — When enabled, customers may choose whether to include the bundled product in their bundle or not.

Filter Variations — Makes it possible to make specific variations available for purchase. Applicable to variable products only.

Override Default Selections — Used for overriding the pre-selected attribute values of bundled variable products.

Priced Individually — Adds the price of the bundled product to the base bundle price. With the option enabled, a Discount can be defined. Both options are documented in the Pricing section.

Shipped Individually — Controls how the bundled product is shipped in relation to the entire bundle (assembled or unassembled). Documented in the Shipping section.


Advanced Settings

Visibility — Controls the visibility of the bundled product: i) in the single product page of the bundle, ii) in the cart/checkout pages, and iii) when displaying order details (including order details displayed in e-mail notifications).

Price Visibility — Controls the visibility of the bundled product price: i) in the product details page of the bundle, ii) in the cart and iii) when displaying order details. Applicable when Priced Individually is ticked.

Visibility in Payment Gateway Transactions
Marking a bundled product as hidden in the order/e-mail templates will not prevent payment gateways from listing it in their transaction details archives and customer notification e-mails.

Override Title and Override Short Description — Used for modifying or hiding the original titles and/or short descriptions of bundled products. Note that overridden product titles will replace the original product titles in all template locations, including the cart/checkout and order details.

Hide Thumbnail — Controls the visibility of bundled product thumbnails, displayed by default when viewing the single-product details page of a bundle.


4. Bundled Pricing

The bundle type can be used in a wide range of bundling applications with diverse pricing requirements.You can define a static (fixed) base price for the entire bundle, and/or add an individual price of each bundled product to the base price.

Static Pricing

To assign a static price to a bundle:

  1. Go to Products > Select the bundle product that you wish to edit.
  2. Select General tab in the left menu.
  3. 3. Enter a Regular Price and, if needed, a Sale Price.
  4. Update.


Individual Pricing

When creating bundles that include configurable items (variable products, optional products or products with configurable quantities) a common requirement is to total the individual prices of some/all bundled items. This is possible by enabling the Priced Individually option, located under the Basic Settings tab of every bundled item.

When Priced Individually is checked, it is possible to define a % Discount for the bundled product. This percentage of discount is applied to the product regular price.


5. Bundled Products Shipping

Bundles typically consist of multiple physical products. However, the physical properties (weight & dimensions) of a bundle that’s packed and ready to be shipped are not always identical to the physical properties of its components.

Bundled Shipping

For bundled product that you want to ship all together in one package, you will need to enter the shipping details for the bundled product.

Note: If customer has the option to select the quantity of the bundled products, it also means that the more quantity they buy, the heavier it will be for shipping. In this case, bundled shipping is not recommended.

Individual Shipping

If you prefer to ship all the bundled products seperately, you will need to tick the check box like below.

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