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Managing Images / Files

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SmartSeller provide a easy-to-use image/files management system which enable you to organize your product images or files into folders.

1. Adding New Image

1.1. To add an image, on your dashboard go to Contents > Media.

1.2. Once you’re on the image page, click “Add New” button on top of the page.

1.3. Then you can drag-and-drop the image from your computer to the upload dialog box.

2. Creating a Folder

To create folders, go to Contents > Media > Click on Create Folder.

A folder can contain:

  • Any type of files (Images, PDF, etc…)
  • Another folder
  • A collection

3. Creating a Collection

To create folders, go to Contents > Media > Click on Create Collection.

A collection can contain:

  • No Files (only Image is allowed)
  • Another collection

4. Moving Files / Images

In the list or grid view you can simply move the files per drag & drop (mouse). Also you can bulk select your files and move.

5. Managing Folders

To reorganize your folder, you can simply folders per drag & drop action.

Each created folder can be renamed or deleted.

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