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How to register for an eCommerce Store

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1. Choosing a Plan

1.1. Go to https://smartseller.online/pricing/ to choose a plan that suit your online business needs.
Most of our customers prefer to register for the Plus Plan that comes with additional powerful eCommerce tools that can help to generate more sales for online businesses.


2. Enter Account Details

2.1. Enter the name of your online store. Then enter the URL for your online store.
(For Premium Plan, you may choose to use your own domain name. Setting for domain name can be found in SmartSeller’s Dashboard after the registration process.)
Click “Continue to the next step“.

2.2. Enter your Username, Email, and Password. If you have a Discount Coupon Code, tick on “Have a coupon code” and enter the valid coupon code. Read our Terms of Services and tick to agree.
Click “Create Account“.

2.3. Select your preferred template for your online store.

2.4. Select Payment Method
PayPal – If you choose PayPal to pay for your monthly or yearly subscription plan, you will be redirected to PayPal website. Login with our PayPal account and follow the instruction on PayPal page.

Credit Card – If you choose to use Credit Card to pay for your monthly or yearly subscription plan, you will be redirected to a secure page where you can enter your credit card details. (We are using one of the top online payment gateway “Stripe”, for all our subscription payments. All credit cards details are highly secured by Stripe.)

Currently we only accept payment via PayPal & Credit Card.


3. Online Store Setup Wizard

3.1. Once payment has been entered, you will be redirected to a Online Store Setup Wizard.

3.2. On the first setup page, enter details like Country, Address and Currency. Then click “Let’s Go” to the next page.

3.3. On second page, select how you want to accept payment from customer. (More payment methods are available in SmartSeller Dashboard.)

3.4. On the third page, enter your shipping details.

3.5. Now you’re done with the setup. Click on “Visit Dashboard” to start using SmartSeller!

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