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Facebook Messenger Bot (Part 1-Facebook App Submission)

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1. Activate Facebook Messenger Bot App

1.1. On your dashboard menu, go to Setting > Apps.

1.2. Once you’re in the Apps page, go to Social Media Tab and activate Facebook Messenger Bot App.


2. Create App with Facebook

2.1. Before able to use this function, you will need to get approval from Facebook. Go to

2.2. Login to your facebook account. On top of the page, go to My Apps and click on Add New App.

2.3. A pop up window will appear. Enter your App Display Name and email address.

DO NOT enter any name that related to Facebook branding like Facebook Bot, FB Bot, Messenger Bot…
Any name that related to Facebook will be rejected by Facebook. 

2.4. After that, on the left menu, go to Setting > Basic.

2.5. Enter all your online store details like highlighted below.

2.6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Add Platform > Website.

2.7. Enter your online store URL and click Save Changes.

2.8. On the left menu, click Add Products. Then select Set up Messenger.

2.9. Select the Facebook Page that you want to use Messenger Bot. Click Edit Permission.

2.10. Pop up window will appear. Follow the steps there.

2.11. After you’ve done the above steps, Access Token will be shown like below. Copy the Aceess Token.

2.12. Go back to your SmartSeller Dashboard. Go to Facebook Store > Messenger Bot Settings.

2.15. Paste the Access Token into the Token Field.

2.16. Tick to Enable Bot.

2.17. Enter any code in Verify Token (eg 123456).

2.18. Enter your Facebook Page ID. (Page ID can be found by going to your Facebook Page > About > Scroll to the bottom.)

2.19. Click Save.

2.20. After saving the settings, copy the URL Callback Webhooks.

2.21. Go back to your Facebook Developer Page. On the Webhooks Section, click on Subscribe to Events.

2.22. Copy the URL Callback Webhooks and Verify Token from SmartSeller Facebook Messenger Settings and paste it to the field like below.

2.23. Tick the option Messages, Message_deliveries, Messaging_postbacks, message_reads, and Messaging-optins.

2.24. After that, on the webhooks section, select your the Facebook Page and click on Subscribe.


3. Messenger Bot Settings for Facebook Approval

3.1. Now go back to SmartSeller Dashboard. Go to Facebook Store > Messenger Bot Setting.

3.2. Make sure all the setting is same like below. (Do not change any settings until your got the app approval from Facebook)

3.3. Now go to Facebook Store > Messenger Bot > Add New Keywords.

3.4. Enter the details like below. Click Save Changes.

3.5. Using the same step above, enter another 2 commands:

  • Keyword: Help
    Message: How can I help you?
  • Keyword: Thank you.
    Message: You’re most welcome.


4. Testing Messenger Bot

4.1. Before you do the app submission to Facebook, make sure all the commands are function properly on your Facebook Messenger.

4.2. Login to your Facebook Account and go to the Facebook Page that you subscribe to use Messenger Bot.

4.3. Hover your mouse cursor to the Send Message, then click on Test Button.

4.4. A chat window will pop up. On the chat window, type the keywords that you enter in your Messenger Bot Commands.

4.5. There should be auto replies for each of the message you type in the chat window. If all the replies are exactly the same as the commands you entered earlier, then you are good to go.


5. Facebook App Submission

5.1. Now go back to the Facebook Developer Page.

5.2. On the App Review for Messenger section, click Add to Submission App Review for Messenger for pages_messaging.

5.3. Scroll down the page and click Add Details.

5.4. Select the Facebook Page. Copy and paste the below sample text into the submission form.

If someone says ‘Hi’, it will reply ‘Hi, how are you?’
If someone says ‘Help’, it will reply ‘How can I help you?’
If someone says ‘Thank you’, it will reply ‘You’re most welcome.’

Thank you.

5.5. Click Save.

5.6. Click Submit for review.


6. Signing Contract and Account Verification

6.1. During the review process, Facebook review team will send you some messages in Facebook Messenger. Do not need to reply. Your messenger bot should respond to that if everything is set successfully.

6.2. After they finish reviewing your app, they will email you a contract to sign.

6.3. You will also need to do a business verification or personal verification.

  • Business Verification – if you want this app to be approved under your company name, then you will need to send Facebook some company documents for verification purposes. (Facebook will guide you step by step once the app has been approved.)
  • Personal Verification – if you want this app to be approved under your personal name, then you will need to send Facebook some personal identity documents for verification purpose. (Facebook will guide you through.)
NOTE: If you apply under personal name, make sure the document you submitted is exactly the same name that you use for your Facebook account. 


7. Making Messenger Bot App Live

7.1. After the app approved by Facebook, you need to make it available to all your customers by switching the toggle to “Live” on top of the Facebook Developer App page.

7.2. Please go to Facebook Messenger Bot Part 2 to learn how to set up Facebook Messenger Bot after the app got approved by Facebook.


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